HOG ABC's Of Touring

Get Riding!! Record your memories and be rewarded. The ABC's of Touring is an alphabetical “Scavenger Hunt” for you and your Harley-Davidson Motorcycle. Ride alone or in a group and record your memories. Along the way, earn points and win prizes whilst you collect photos of yourself, your motorcycle and special places.


  • To participate you must be a Full H.O.G. Member and you need to appear in at least six photos of your memorable journey. Associate members need to be in ALL the photos. 
  • Your Harley-Davidson motorcycle needs to appear in all photos, however, if the photos are taken overseas, a rental bike will suffice.
  • A H-D Touring Handbook (or cover) or a current year issue of the magazine needs to be in the photo at all times.
  • To obtain a copy of the Touring Handbook, contact HOG AU as these are not automatically sent out or use the cover page provided.
  • To enrol, all entries will need to be uploaded onto the H.O.G. Member's site and to use the H.O.G. Member's site,  members will have to have set up their on-line profile at members.hog.com.
  • More information can be found in the forms provided.
  • Get riding with your Sydney Chapter HOG mates and record your memories Harley Owners Group - Mileage Program