Fred Madderom - Assistant Director and Head Road Captain

Fred Helmet 400


1) How long have you been riding motorcycles and what was your first bike?  My first bike was Yamaha SR125 in 1967.
2) What made you buy a Harley?  I dreamed of owning a Harley from the time you could buy a WLA in a crate for 500 pounds.
3) What are you currently riding?  I’m riding a pearl Heritage Softail and/or a white and grey Road King. 
4) How long have you been in HOG?  I joined H.O.G. in 2003 to go to my first Rally in Southport, QLD (2004).
5) How long have you been in Sydney HOG?  We started Sydney H.O.G. Chapter in 2006 and I was the founding Director until the end of 2010.
6) What do you love most about Sydney HOG?  Absolutely everything. Every aspect of our Members, our Rides and our Events. 
7) Where is your favourite place to ride?  In Australia: Macquarie Pass, Route A48 . In the USA: Needles Highway, South Dakota, Route 87.
8) What ride is on your bucket list?  From Xian, China to Venice, Italy along the original Old Silk Road. Sadly it may never happen.
9) Which bike is on your bucket list? I’m very happy with my current bikes… long may they both live.
10) Any advice for new members? The more you put in, the more you get out... Life’s like that!