Garry Hamilton - Photographer, Road Captain


1) How long have you been riding motorcycles and what was your first bike?   48 years since I first started riding then a big gap of 30 years from 18 to 48. Been riding 10 years since. So 18 years I suppose. First bike was a Honda 125 trail bike.
2) What made you buy a Harley? Gregg Lewis is why I bought a Harley, our neighbour. He used to drag me along to demo days at our dealer and I fell in love with them.
3) What are you currently riding? I am riding a Road King
4) How long have you been in HOG? Been in Sydney HOG since 2013.
5) How long have you been in Sydney HOG? I've been in HOG for 5 years
6) What do you love most about Sydney HOG? The monthly meeting at Cafe Alexandria and rides.
7) Where is your favourite place to ride? Well that is a hard one as it is the journey I enjoy rather than the destination.  However, the ride to Uluru we did a couple years ago was sensational and I still pinch myself after that ride. My favourite weekend ride is around the Eastern suburb beaches.
8) What ride is on your bucket list? Great Ocean Road.
9) Which bike is on your bucket list? I have it: a Road King. Love the classic lines.
10) Any advice for new members? Go on the rally rides and the long tours. They are just the best experience. Other advice, do the Hart course as soon as you can. Almost forgot put more chrome on your bike.