Hana Grant - Director

Hana New


1) How long have you been riding motorcycles and what was your first bike?  I learned to ride on a farm, had no choice unless I was going to walk everywhere, however my first bike was a 1963 Triumph Daytona 500cc.  She was beautiful…….
2) What made you buy a Harley?  Growing up I had always been fascinated with Harley Davidsons and as I worked right next to Trivett's, I use to visit often dreaming and then one day I thought stuff it, and traded in my Scooter for an 883 Iron in 2015.
3) What are you currently riding?   2016 Softail SLIM S.
4) How long have you been in HOG?  Since April 2015.
5) How long have you been in Sydney HOG?  Since April 2015 when I got a free membership from the Dealership and realised this would benefit me so I turned up to the Chapter meeting May 2015 all by myself and been a member since.
6) What do you love most about Sydney HOG?  The People……we have some interesting characters – a whole bunch of personalities, but they all help you to be a better person as  you learn to fit around each other – which I am learning to appreciate.
7) Where is your favourite place to ride?  I would have to say Melbourne……have some great family and friends I love to visit.
8) What ride is on your bucket list?  North and South Island of New Zealand…….
9) Which bike is on your bucket list? Road King Special (Smokey grey coloured one).
10) Any advice for new members? Embrace the Chapter rides conducted by the Road Captains, you get to follow and enjoy the scenery, the appreciation of places visited, the fellowship over coffee and food and just knowing we all are here because of our passion to ride – your status outside of the Chapter is different from one another but inside the Chapter we are all the same – the key is that we YOU contribute to riding Safe, that you have RESPECT for one another and that we ALL look after each other.