History / Awards

Honour Roll

Primary Officers
2007  Peter Kelly / Fred Madderom  Graham Wilshaw / Russell Brown  Diane Fagan  Diane Fagan
2008  Fred Madderom  Russell Brown  Diane Fagan / John   Clifford  Diane Fagan
2009  Fred Madderom  Russell Brown  John Clifford  Diane Fagan
2010  Fred Madderom  John Clifford / Michael Chesworth  Bob Astill  Diane Fagan
2011  Keith Hutcheson  Fred Madderom  Jean Brochut  Diane Fagan
2012  Keith Hutcheson  Fred Madderom  Michael Chesworth  Jean Brochut
2013  Keith Hutcheson  Fred Madderom  Michael Chesworth  Jean Brochut
2014  Michael Chesworth  Domenic Fedele  Michael Dobrota  Jean Brochut
2015  Domenic Fedele  Jean Brochut  Michael Dobrota  John Murphy
2016  Domenic Fedele  Fred Madderom  Geoff Fitzsimmons  John Murphy
2017  Adam Nance  Keith Hutcheson  Geoff Fitzsimmons  Lindsay Stratton
2018  Adam Nance  Keith Hutcheson  Geoff Fitzsimmons  Lindsay Stratton
2019  Adam Nance  Matteo Zanarini  Geoff Fitzsimmons  Lindsay Stratton
2020  Matteo Zanarini  Hana Grant  Geoff Fitzsimmons  Des Mumby
2021  Hana Grant  Fred Madderom  Geoff Fitzsimmons  Des Mumby
2022  Hana Grant  Fred Madderom  Geoff Fitzsimmons  Des Mumby
2023  Dave Turner  Des Mumby  Geoff Fitzsimmons  Noelene Newnes
2024  Dave Turner  Wes Kowalski  Geoff Fitzsimmons  Noelene Newnes


2007  Michael Chesworth    Paulette McIver  Diane Fagan  John Holsinger  
2008  Michael Chesworth    Paulette McIver  Diane Fagan  John Holsinger  
2009  Michael Chesworth    Paulette McIver  Michael Chesworth  John Holsinger  
2010  Michael Chesworth    Paulette McIver  Keith Hutcheson  John Holsinger  Phil Stenson
2011  Michael Chesworth  John Holsinger  Paulette McIver  Paul Williams  John Rinaldo  Phil Stenson
2012  Domenic Fedele  John Holsinger  Rebecca Rinaldo  Paul Williams  John Rinaldo  Phil Stenson
2013  Domenic Fedele  John Holsinger  Rebecca Rinaldo  Mark Hurt  John Rinaldo  Phil Stenson
2014  John Murphy  John Holsinger  Rebecca Rinaldo  Mark Hurt  Colin Hutchinson  Phil Stenson
2015  Fred Madderom  John Holsinger  Gordana Kostelac  Mark Hurt  Colin Hutchinson  Phil Stenson
2016  Michael Dobrota  John Holsinger  Hana Grant  Mark Hurt  Colin Hutchinson  Phil Stenson
2017  Brett Gorman  Jean Brochut  Hana Grant  Mark Hurt  Colin Hutchinson  Dom Fedele
2018  Ron Bohm  Paul Williams  Hana Grant  Mark Hurt  Colin Hutchinson  Dom Fedele
2019  Des Mumby  Fred Madderom  Des Mumby  Mark Hurt  Garry Hamilton  Dom Fedele
2020  Des Mumby (acting)  Fred Madderom  Des Mumby (acting)  Mark Hurt  Garry Hamilton  Dom Fedele
2021  Sharna Turner  Fred Madderom  Kim Williams  Mark Hurt  Dave Turner  Dom Fedele
2022  Sharna Turner  Fred Madderom  Kim Williams  Mark Hurt  Dave Turner  Dom Fedele
2023  Sharna Turner  Matteo Zanarini  Linda-Lee Rees  Mark Hurt  Wesley Kowalski  Dom Fedele
2024  Sharna Turner  Matteo Zanarini  Linda-Lee Rees  Adrian van de Lustgraaf  Wesley Kowalski  Peter Cox


Other Officers
2008      Ivan Obreza  
2009    Andy Draper    
2010    Andy Draper    Phil Stenson
2011    Andy Draper    Phil Stenson
2012    Andy Draper    Cherie Stenson
2013    Brett Gorman    Cherie Stenson
2014    Domenic Fedele    Cherie Stenson
2015    Domenic Fedele  Lance Raskall  Cherie Stenson
2016    Domenic Fedele  Lance Raskall  Cherie Stenson
2017  John Holsinger  Diane Bohm  Jenny Faulkner  Anita Mayne / Garry Hamilton
2018  John Holsinger  Diane Bohm  Fred Madderom  Garry Hamilton / Goran Tkalcec
2019  John Holsinger  Domenic Fedele    Garry Hamilton / Goran Tkalcec
2020  John Holsinger  Al Webster    Goran Tkalcec
2021  John Holsinger  Peter Cox  John  Holsinger  Lifeng Ji
2022  John Holsinger / James Bridle  Peter Cox  John  Holsinger / Peter Cox  Lifeng Ji
2023  Chelvam ST  Peter Cox  Peter Cox  Lifeng Ji
2024  Chelvam ST  Karen Kriss  Peter Cox  Anita Mayne


Other Officers (continued)
2007  Diane Fagan  Russell Brown / Michael Chesworth    
2008  Diane Fagan  Russell Brown / Michael Chesworth    
2009  Diane Fagan  Michael Chesworth    
2010  Jean Brochut  Michael Chesworth    
2011  Jean Brochut  Michael Chesworth    
2012  Jean Brochut  Michael Chesworth    Diane Fagan
2013  Jean Brochut  Michael Chesworth    Diane Fagan
2014  Jean Brochut  Michael Chesworth  Andrew Kelly  Katrina Kelly
2015  Adam Nance  Jon Cozens  Andrew Kelly  Katrina Kelly
2016  Adam Nance  Jean Brochut  Adam Nance  Kim Williams
2017  John Briffa  Stephen Pike  Dave Turner  Kim Williams
2018  Chris Johnson  Stephen Pike  Dave Turner  Kim Williams
2019  Chris Johnson  Stephen Pike  Dave Turner  Kim Williams
2020  Chris Johnson  Stephen Pike  Dave Turner  Kim Williams
2021  Sanjiv Vivekanandan  Stephen Pike  Dave Turner  Kim Williams
2022  Sanjiv Vivekanandan  Stephen Pike - Role Retired -  Kim Williams
2023  Nic Short  Vacant  - Role Retired -   Kim Williams
2024  Nic Short  Des Mumby  Graeme Mayne  Kim Williams


  Lady Rider with the highest attendance by percentage on SYD HOG Rides. Male Rider with the highest attendance by percentage on SYD HOG Rides. Lady Rider with the most mileage on SYD HOG Rides. Male Rider with the most mileage on SYD HOG Rides.
2010  Rebecca Rinaldo - 23%  Alan Spencer - 48%    Alan Spencer - 4,340km
2011  Rebecca Rinaldo - 26%  Ian Rickwood - 45%  Linda Beale - 6,200km  Ian Rickwood - 10,830km
2012  Nadine Brochut - 55%  Alan Spencer - 76%  Nadine Brochut - 11,401km  Alan Spencer - 13,027km
2013  Nadine Brochut - 43%  Mark Hurt - 51%  Nadine Brochut - 14,926km  Eric Stano - 11,681km
2014  Nadine Brochut - 42%  Adam Nance - 44%  Joanne Zammit - 14,192km  Adam Nance - 14,542km
2015  Hana Grant - 40%  Dave Turner - 51%  Pip Joy - 10,914km  Eric Stano - 15,710km
2016  Sharon Brogan - 25%  Dave Turner - 67%  Sharon Brogan - 11,937km  Dave Turner - 17,775km
2017  Joanne Zammit - 23%  Ron Bohm - 59%  Judy Kiddle - 8,200km  Ron Bohm - 13,610km
2018  Kim Williams - 19%  Eric Stano - 64%  Noelene Newnes - 9,151km  Eric Stano - 16,436km
2019 - Award Retired -  Eric Stano - 17,921km  Noelene Newnes - 7,805 km - Award Retired -
2020    Alan Spencer - 12,397km  Deb Tkalcec - 7,476 km  
2021    Eric Stano - 13,376km  Noelene Newnes - 10,197 km  
2022    Eric Stano - 24,614km  Noelene Newnes - 21,323km  
2023    Alex Loukataris - 73%  Debbie Tkalcec - 8,896km  


Awards (continued)
  Male Rider with the second best mileage on SYD HOG Rides. Road Captain with the highest attendance by percentage on SYD HOG Rides. Pillion with the highest attendance by percentage on SYD HOG Rides. Rider who has dropped their bike “the best” and has walked away with the least damage  to bike or being.
2010  Anthony Jonsson - 2,125km  Jean  Brochut  - 78%    Michael Moschner
2011  Alan Spencer - 8,200km  Jean  Brochut  - 81%  Cherie Stenson - 67%  Andrew Kelly
2012  Jin Ono - 10,846km  Michael Dobrota - 78%  Cherie Stenson - 51%  Peter Thornborough
2013  Ian Rickwood - 11,263km  Phil Stenson - 55%  Cherie Stenson - 34%  Brett Gorman
2014  Eric Stano - 13,199km  Jean  Brochut  - 62%  Lorraine Masling - 32%  Mauro Tullio
2015  Tomba Ivanovski - 10,194km  Jean  Brochut  - 70%  Samantha Davison - 23%  Peter Thronborough
2016  Claudio Porley - 14,047km  Fred Madderom - 61%  Sigrid Van Oort - 32%  Neil Newton
2017  Eric Stano - 10,975km  Dave Turner - 79%  Sharna Turner - 64%  Barry Mining
2018  Alan Spencer - 15,578km  Dave Turner - 80%  Sharna Turner - 66%  John Holsinger
2019 - Award Retired -  Dave Turner - 82%  Sharna Turner - 50%  Al Webster
2020    Fred Madderom - 77%  Sharna Turner - 33%  Brent Scotton
2021    Dave Turner - 89%  Sharna Turner - 43%  Kim Williams
2022    Dave Turner - 55%  Sophie Aronis - 42%  Tony Challicombe
2023    Dave Turner - 85%  Anita Mayne - 33%  Kim McFarlane


Life Members
  Our highest honour. Awarded to members for service to the Chapter.
1 Fred Madderom
2 Keith Hutcheson
3 Michael Chesworth
4 Domenic Fedele
5 Adam Nance
6 Matteo Zanarini
7 John Holsinger
8 Mark Hurt
9 Hana Grant


Member's Choice
  Road Captain, as voted by the Membership, who best exemplifies the qualities desired by the Chapter. Awarded to the Member as voted by the Membership, who has shown the greatest enthusiasm, volunteer and helpfulness commitments to the Chapter. As voted by the Committee and Road Captains for the most committed and engaged new member:
2015 Jean Brochut Rebecca Rinaldo  
2016 Jean Brochut Rebecca Rinaldo  
2017 Domenic Fedele Domenic Fedele  
2018 Domenic Fedele Garry Hamilton  
2019 Fred Madderom Matteo Zanarini  
2020 Fred Madderom - John Holsinger Matteo Zanarini  
2021 Fred Madderom Fred Madderom Lifeng JI
2022 Dave Turner Hana Grant Linda-Lee Rees
2023 Dave Turner Dave Turner Adrian van de Lustgraaf


Chapter Records
2010     19 248.5  
2011 10 22.8 19 508.2  
2012 15 25.6 29.6 382.1  
2013 17 22.4 26.7 547.9  
2014 20 22.8 25.6 454.5  
2015 24 24.4 26.6 422.8  
2016 24 24.3 26.9 446.8  
2017 23 22.2 25.3 363.8  
2018 20 22.8 25.1 386  
2019 9 20.4 22.3 397.2  
2020 10 24.7 26.6 437.1  
2021 10 28 31 393.8  
2022 7 20.3 21.5 535.2  
2023 20 23.4 24.2 281  


Chapter Records (continued)
2010 10,685 184 64   6.5
2011 21,345 184 81   6
2012 18,341 223 108   6.8
2013 25,752 235 114 5.42 5
2014 24,999 282 140 34 7.4
2015 24,098 267 139 37 6
2016 25,468 248 137 41 6.4
2017 20,372 239 126 40 6.2
2018 22,798 225 105 40 6.2
2019 22,244 171 100 34 6
2020 17,047 180 95 24 7.4
2021 18,117 202 145 42 8.17
2022 34,250 184 115 50 5.6
2023 19,101 165 106 57 5.42



Total Rides since Chapter Inception: 863 as of December 31, 2023.

Total Kilometres since Chapter Inception: 346,976km as of December 31, 2023.

That's 8.5 times around the world!!




Chapter History


  • Toward the end of 2006 Trivett HD got their store up and running in Young Street Waterloo
  • The Inaugural Chapter run went to the Yarramalong Valley in November 2006 with 25 bikes from various HOG Chapters in attendance
  • The second Chapter run went to the George IV Hotel in Picton on December 10 - 37 bikes and 50 members attended
  • Chapter membership at year end was 73


  • Directors Peter Kelly to Fred Madderom. Assistant Directors Graham Wilshaw to Russell Brown. Secretary/Treasurer Diane Fagen
  • The third Chapter run went to the Zig Zag Railway at Bell on January 14 - 35 bikes and 48 members
  • Fred Madderom, Russell Brown and Diane Fagen presented to Greg Duncan, owner of Trivett HD in February and gained approval to start Sydney HOG Chapter
  • The first Chapter meeting was held at the Graphics Art Club in Bourke Street, Surry Hills on Tuesday April 3 - 18 people attended. We were able to park IN the premises and the first four Chapter meetings were preceded by an afternoon run from 2pm
  • A ride calendar was created - Full day runs on the second Sunday of each month, half day runs on the forth Sunday, Introductory runs bi-monthly on the third Saturday started in April
  • The ride calendar included themed runs - Zig Zag, Full Moonie, Heritage Pub (Craft Brewery), Midnight Special, Eagle Eye Observation (May 20) Soldiers Bold, Surf n Turf and Ironside
  • Moonie runs were on each full moon from the first ‘Blue Moon’ run in June
  • Mid week runs bi-monthly on the last Wednesday started in September
  • Bi-monthly Committee meetings began in September
  • Trivett HD moved from Waterloo to O’Riordan Street Alexandria
  • Advance riding courses commenced on September 16
  • We provided 15 bikes for a CANTEEN fundraiser in September
  • Eagle Eye 2007 winners - TOUGH RIDERS IN TRIVETT TRACTORS John & Rebecca Rinaldo, Andy Draper Kazuki Aizawa, Fumiko Lourensz, Jennifer Mamo and Monty Thompson
  • Weekends away included the NSW State Rally in Albury at Easter - 4 bikes and 4 members Hunter Valley in June, Jenolan Caves in October
  • National Rally in Barossa Valley (South Australia) 16 bikes and 21 members - October 11 days Princes Highway to Cann River, Torquay, the spectacular Great Ocean Road to Mount Gambier, Nuriootpa (Rally), Broken Hill and back to Sydney via Mildura and Griffith
  • Chapter membership at year end was 126


  • Director Fred Madderom. Assistant Director Russell Brown. Secretary Diane Fagen to John Clifford. Treasurer Diane Fagen
  • Father Chris Riley’s - Youth Off The Streets (YOTS) rides began in January and have run bi-monthly ever since
  • Chapter meetings moved to Wheels and Cupcake' behind Trivett HD in O'Riordan Street, Alexandria The service is superb, the food is five-star, and the bar is, well... open! The café's balcony overlooks the parking area and with all those bikes to look at, conversation is never dull
  • First Aid course commenced in February
  • Chapter meetings are well attended and in excess of 60 members attended each month
  • Five Chapter members attend POT (Primary Officer Training) on the Gold Coast
  • Learn to Ride courses began at HART
  • Chapter website went live in June
  • Eagle Eye 2008 winners - COLD HOGS Bryan Radcliffe, Suzie Elliot, John Clifford, Tim McKay, Kevin Farrell, John & Rebecca Rinaldo, Michael Moschner and Bob Steenkamer
  • Weekends away included the, Tamora Aviation Museum in June and ‘snowed in’ in Orange in August
  • National Rally at Lennox Head (New South Wales) 42 Bikes and 65 members - October 8 days Thunderbolt’s Way, west from Coffs Harbour through Dorrigo National Park fantastic tight bends and scenic. Overnight stop at Goondiwindi and then some Harley Davidson off roading - a lot of fun!
  • Chapter membership at year end was 263


  • Director Fred Madderom. Assistant Director Russell Brown. Treasurer Diane Fagen. Secretary John Clifford
  • Sydney HOG Chapter became the biggest Chapter in New South Wales
  • First issue of ‘Harbour HOG’ Chapter magazine was in January 2009 thanks to Andy Draper’s efforts
  • First annual Australia Day run to Canberra
  • October meeting Detective Inspector Paul Willingham speaks about Outlaw Motor Cycle Clubs
  • Comedian Vince Sorrenti entertains us at our Christmas Party
  • Eagle Eye 2009 winners - FAMOUS FIVE + 2 – 1 Jo Burge, Rod Burge, Tim McKay, John Clifford, Michael Dobrota and John Wolserei
  • Weekends away included Port Macquarie with other chapters in June, Goulburn in August
  • National Rally in Launceston (Tasmania) 40 Bikes and 52 members - November 13 days Motorbike heaven, made our way down to Melbourne via Wagga Wagga to sail away on the Spirit of Tasmania. From Devonport to Strahan riding the best roads Tasmania has got to offer. On to Hobart then up the East Coast to Bicheno, then on to Launceston for the Rally. From Devonport overnight on the Spirit of Tasmania to Melbourne, then home to Sydney via Khancoban and the Alpine Way
  • Chapter membership at year end was 328


  • Director Fred Madderom. Assistant Director John Clifford to Michael Chesworth. Secretary Bob Astill. Treasurer Diane Fagen
  • NSW State Rally in Richmond 36 bikes and 43 members in the hottest January in 40 years
  • Nine Chapter members attended HOT training in Sydney
  • The first ‘formal’ Chapter photo shoot, Stanwell Tops and Lawrence Hargrave Drive
  • First attendance at a Chapter Challenge in Canberra in October, even though it was our first Challenge we managed second place overall Chapter meetings are well attended and in excess of 100 members attend each month
  • First Bowling, non riding, social night in August
  • Weekends away included Canberra in June and October, Hunter Valley in August
  • National Rally at Mount Buller (Victoria) 59 Bikes and 76 members - December 6 days First stop Goulburn riding through the heaviest rain ever, accommodation at the Jindabyne Station Resort. Spectacular scenery through to Mansfield and Mount Buller Rally site with temperatures around 3°C. Home via Myrtleford, Omeo, Whitefield along the Great Alpine Road to Cann River then Cooma and back to Sydney with summer temperatures
  • Chapter membership at year end was 418


  • Director - Keith Hutcheson (Hutch), Assistant Director - Fred Madderom, Secretary - Jean Marie Brochut (Jumbo), Treasurer - Diane Fagen
  • An Australia Day run was organised, as usual going to Canberra
  • In May the Eagle Eye trophy was won by the ‘French Kissing Legions’ - Jean and Nadine, John and Sandy, Olaf Moon and Itmar with 84 points
  • Weekends away included the Temora Air Show in March, Walcha/Uralla in April, Port Macquarie in June and Mudgee in October
  • Margaret River National HOG Rally (Western Australia) 65+ Bikes and 70+ members attended in November with 31 bikes crossing the Nullarbor Plains on a 6 day journey there
  • 31 bikes and 2 support vehicles travelled the 6,000k south through Wagga Wagga, Mildura and Port Augusta. Then to Ceduna and across the Nullarbor. Once in WA, we took our time to enjoy the beauty of South-Eastern WA with extra overnight stops in Esperance and Albany before heading to the rally site in Margaret River
  • 5 Sydney HOG Members attended HOT (Harley Officer Training) in September in Melbourne. Fred was one of the instructors
  • Typical rides in 2011 were Full Day rides, Half Day rides, Charity rides, Introductory rides, Moonie rides, Mid-Week rides, Long Weekend rides, Ladies of HOG rides and the National Rally ride
  • A 5th Anniversary Chapter Pin was made available in late 2011
  • An anniversary run to Yarramalong Valley (mirroring the first Sydney Chapter run in 2006)
  • Chapter membership ended the year at 326


  • Director - Keith Hutcheson (Hutch), Assistant Director - Fred Madderom, Secretary - Michael Chesworth (Chez), Treasurer - Jean Marie Brochut (Jumbo)
  • Rides in 2012 included: South Coast, Kiama, Berowra Waters, Canberra (Australia Day), Wollombi, Caves Beach, Geroa and Berry, Terrigal, Zig Zag railway, Rally games practice, Dungog (Rodeo), Back roads to Leura, Eagle Eye Trophy ride, Garage Party (5th May), Inaugural Anzac Day ride (service in Mittagong), Queens Birthday Long Weekend to Bateman’s Bay, Family Picnic Day (9th September), Dam Busters, Putty Road, Maitland Gaol tour of the facilities, Jenolan Caves, Corrimal, Anniversary ride to Yarramalong, Blaxland Ridge, Five Ferries, Redfern Motorcycle Spares with YOTS, a Half Day Archery event in July and a Jenolan Caves Ghost Tour weekend away at the end of the year.
  • Sydney Chapter donated a prize for 4 people, riding pillion on a Sydney HOG ride (snapped up at Auction for $1,500)
  • Starlight Wish – Harley escort, organised by Mark Hurt, for a beautiful young girl named Casey and her family on 22nd September
  • 2012 Member survey - Highlighted that members are extremely happy with balance of rides, social activities, etc
  • We joined the inaugural combined Chapters get together at the Hard Rock Café in Darling Harbour
  • Harley Davidson ‘World Ride’ June 24 – 25 as part of the global phenomenon that brings Chapter members together from all over the world
  • 30 bikes took the Easter break ride to Dubbo and Parkes
  • A Ladies of Harley ‘Girls day out’ at Rosehill Races. Gorgeous members… and out of their ‘leathers’ as well
  • Our founding Director Fred Madderom took on the role as NSW/ACT Regional Director
  • The Eagle Eye Trophy was won by Michael Moschner and Dave and Yvonne Marston from the ‘Demystifiers’
  • State Rally: Bathurst, 23rd – 25th March. 40 bikes on the long ride, 67 Sydney HOG members lined up for the Thunder Run. Kim Williams won the Tyre Toss event. We started the Thunder Run with a lap of the Mt Panorama circuit… fabulous
  • National Rally: Canberra – 13th – 21st October. Route through Victoria and The Great Ocean Road, the Queenscliff/Sorrento Ferry crossing, Great Alpine Road and the Snowy Mountains.
  • 40 bikes on the ‘long way round’. 98 Sydney Chapter bikes in the Thunder Run with an additional 40 pillions
  • The Chapter Christmas Party was held at the St George Rowing Club on December 8
  • The average ride participation was up in 2012 - 223 different riders attended a ride with 30 riders on average per ride
  • Nadine Brouchet was the highest attending female and Alan Spencer the highest attending male rider.
  • Membership remained stable at 356


  • Director - Keith Hutcheson (Hutch), Assistant Director - Fred Madderom, Secretary - Michael Chesworth (Chez), Treasurer - Jean Marie Brochut (Jumbo)
  • Rides included:  ‘Hard arse 500’, Northern Beaches, Nelson Bay, LOH to Bowral, Australia Day ride to Canberra, Springwood, 5 Lookouts which were completely fogged in, Hanging Rock YOTS, LOH - Moruya weekend, Poker Run, Brunch in Brooklyn, Easter Alpine Run (4 days with 25 bikes), Williamstown 110th H-D Celebrations, Anzac Day ride to Mittagong (this is now a tradition), Chapter Photo Shoot, Warragamba, Eagle Eye ride - Northern Beaches, Flying Fox Café, Nerriga, 3 waterfalls, Pittown, Mount Wilson, Nobby’s Head, Cessnock, Palm Beach, Spencer, Oberon, Dam Busters, Kurrajong, LOH Calendar photo shoot in July, Museum of Fire and the Lithgow Small Arms factory
  • Ladies of Harley March Weekend away was a joint event with Canberra HOG Chapter LOH
  • Sydney Chapter’s first Poker Run - St Patrick’s Day raised $525 from $1K of donated prizes
  • Ladies of HOG International Female Ride Day in May to Kurnell. 16 Female riders with 30 Chapter members all up
  • June long weekend to Potters Brewery in the Hunter Valley
  • 59 bikes rode to Killcare on a Half Day run - Getting bigger
  • Sydney HOG Members visited the USA. 19 adventurers on 13 hired Harleys. A total of 45 members from Sydney Chapter attended the 110th H-D Anniversary Celebrations in Milwaukee
  • HOG Corner was built into the Trivett H-D Dealership
  • YOTS (Youth Off The Streets) continues to be our Charity of choice
  • NSW State Rally was held in Coffs Harbour in October. Chapter Challenge - Go Karting. Won by the ‘Lattedoes’. This was the biggest State Rally ever – 2211 people attended with just on 70 from Sydney Chapter
  • The National Rally this year was substituted with the 110 Year Celebration in Williamstown. 30 bikes rode down together from Wednesday onwards taking 2 days to get there plus 3 days at the event and back home by Tuesday
  • The Chapter Christmas Party was a Black and White theme at St George Rowing Club. Over 150 members danced the night away
  • Combined Christmas Party – Sydney Chapter, NSW, Central Coast, Blacktown, South West Sydney Chapters all attended at the Torque Bar at Frasers Concord
  • Average bikes per ride - 22, Average kilometres per ride - 548, Total number of ride participants -235, LOH riders - 17
  • Most attending woman in 2013 - Nadine Brouchet, Most attending male - Mark ‘Mo’ Hurt, Most millage - Eric Stano, Most rides with the Chapter overall - Fred Madderom,


  • Director - Michael Chesworth (Chez), Assistant Director - Dom Fedele (Gizmo), Secretary - Michael Dobrota (Oz Bear), Treasurer - Jean Marie Brochut (Jumbo)
  • Typical rides were Full Day rides, Half Day rides, Charity rides, Introductory rides, Moonie rides, Mid-Week rides, Long Weekend rides, State Rally ride, National Rally ride, Ladies of HOG rides, Social events, Anzac Day ride and the Annual Photo Shoot.
  • Rides went to Kurnell, Newcastle Fort, Poker Run (Stone the Movie theme), Long Distance ride (1,000k plus), North Head, Springwood, Jamberoo, Huskisson, Wollombi, Broke, Putty, Glenorie, Stanwell Tops, Saddleback Mountain, Jenolan Caves, Bylong Valley, Mudgee, Kurrajong, Avoca Beach, Dural - River Road, Shellharbour, Bundeena, Norah Head, Wilberforce, Hunter Valley, Bathurst, Patonga, Surf ‘n turf - Bulli to Picton, 1924 First Australian Motorcycle GP ride Goulburn course - Bungonia, Cordeux Heights, Yarramalong (Anniversary ride), Sasha’s ride (Royal National Park), Kiama to Picton and Leura
  • Rides included a LOH Ride with Canberra HOG Chapter in February, A LOH Calendar was produced… nice job I thought
  • Many Chapter members attended the HART Courses - Available and recommended
  • Safety Officer – Colin Hutchison (Fatman) hit a Kangaroo on the way to the Cairns National Rally. He was hospitalised in Rockhampton for many months. He is now ‘up and about’.
  • Segway adventure in October at Sydney Olympic Park
  • LOH Pasta Class - ‘Salt, Meat, Cheese’ in Alexandria
  • Sasha’s Ride - One of our members, Frank Smart, was seriously ill and wanted to capture footage of a Chapter ride as a memory for his daughter, Sasha. Almost 80 riders participated and the footage was amazing. Dom (Gizmo) put together an amazing video for Sasha to view for years to come. Sadly Frank lost his battle with cancer early in 2015. 50 + Members attended his funeral in Rookwood
  • Harley Officer Training in Homebush in late October, early November
  • Average number of bikes per ride – 22, Average Kilometres per ride – 454, Total Chapter kilometres for the year - 24,999
  • The National Rally in April/May was in Cairns, North Queensland. 6,819 klms in 16 days, Yabbie racing in Charleville, Longreach (Qantas Museum and dinner), Mount Isa, Charters Towers, Townsville and Cairns


  • Director - Domenic Fedele (Gizmo/Dom), Assistant Director - Jean Marie Brochut (Jumbo), Secretary - Michael Dobrota (Oz Bear), Treasurer - John Murphy (Murf)
  • Typical rides were Full Day rides, Half Day rides, Charity rides, Introductory rides, Moonie rides, Mid-Week rides, Long Weekend rides, State Rally ride to Queanbeyan, National Rally ride to Tamworth, Ladies of HOG rides, Social events, Garage Party, Anzac Day ride
  • Rides went to West Head, Putty/Wollombi loop, Megalong Valley, Peppercorn Café, Australia Day weekend away - Snowy Mountains (Jindabyne), Avoca Beach, Kurnell, Catherine Hill, Como Hotel, Kurrajong Heights, Lost in the ‘50’s Museum, LOH Weekend Away in Huskisson, Sydney Beaches, Oberon via Jenolan, Killcare, Tarana, Mittagong, Hanging Rock YOTS ride, Jamberoo, Shoalhaven, Great Dividing Range, Mt Kembla and still more to come
  • New Road Captains – Stephen and Judy Kiddle, Paul Zammit
  • Carlos Pintos ‘Piglet’ was featured in the latest Australian HOG magazine circulated throughout Australia and New Zealand
  • February 12 - Frank Smart lost his battle with cancer and a funeral service was held with 35 bikes and about 50 Members from Sydney Chapter attending. RIP Frank
  • Lane filtering made legal in NSW. This is when a motorcycle rider moves between vehicles that have either stopped or are moving slowly (Less than 30kph).
  • The NSW/ACT State Rally is to be held on October 23 to 25 in Queanbeyan (Canberra). 25 Sydney Chapter Members are riding to the Rally via Broken Hill
  • The National Rally was held in Tamworth in February/March. This was held at AELEC Tamworth and included a Professional Rodeo and an Outback Spectacular as well as the usual Rally activities like Guided Rides, Gymkhana and the Thunder Run. 2400 people attended making it the most attended Rally ever
  • In the last quarter of 2015, our Sponsoring Dealer Trivett H-D was sold to Harley-Heaven. Sydney HOG Chapter’s Sponsoring Dealer is now Harley-Heaven.
  • 2015 finished with a Sydney HOG Chapter Christmas Party at Wheel and Cupcake and a combined Chapters Christmas ‘get together’ hosted by South West Sydney Chapter (on January 2).


  • Director - Domenic Fedele (Gizmo/Dom), Assistant Director - Fred Madderom, Secretary - Geoff Fitzsimmons, Treasurer - John Murphy (Murf)
  • There were plenty rides and they were well attended. Our highest male attendee was Dave Turner on 67% of rides doing 17,775km. Claudio Porley was second with 14,047km. Highest female attendance on rides was Sharon Brogan 25% riding 11,937km and Fred Madderom was the highest attending Road Captain.
  • Average total bikes per ride was 22, average kilometres per ride 454k, Total Chapter kilometres for the year was 24,999.
  • Road Captain of the year was Jean Brochut and member of the year was Rebecca Rinaldo.
  • 120 members attended the February Chapter meeting to listen to Marie Stavropoulos the new Regional Director for H.O.G. speak about ‘inclusiveness’. The first 2016 copy of Harbour HOG was issued and a lot of members stayed on afterwards.
  • Full Day rides went to Megalong Valley, Australia Day Canberra run, Paterson, 52 members attended the ANZAC Flyover in Mittagong. Other rides went to Nerriga, Taralga/Oberon, Huskisson Poker Run, Kurri Kurri, Shoalhaven, Bomaderry, Braidwood/Bungonia, Morpeth. On November 13 we had our 10th ANNIVERSARY RUN to Yarramalong... 10 YEARS IN THE MAKING. Full Day rides on both Saturdays and Sundays continued to be our most popular rides.
  • Fred Madderom and Tania Waitokia published a Sydney H.O.G. Chapter 10 Year Anniversary book with contributions from many past and present Chapter members.
  • Half Day Rides went to Saddleback Mountain, Barefoot Bowls at Hunters Hill against against NSW and Blacktown Chapters… ‘Team Captain’ Scott Seymour received the trophy on behalf of Sydney Chapter, 2 ferries run, Springwood, Bulli, Warragamba, The Entrance and Cattai/Berowra. Half day ride attendances were down on the previous year.
  • The Chapter photo shoot was well attended with 100 members attending at Mrs Macquarie’s Chair.
  • YOTS (Youth Off The Streets) rides were even more highly attended and great rides went at Hanging Rock, Weston/Hunter Valley, Merrylands, Cordeaux Heights and Glenfields where we had a great BBQ in someone’s front yard.
  • The New Members Half Day rides went to Kurnell 6 times.
  • Mid week rides went to Rylstone - 26 riders on a very hot day, Sussex Inlet, Hawkes Nest, Wollombi/Singleton/Putty.
  • Moonie rides (full moon nights) went to Palm Beach, Pitt Town, South Coast Sea Cliff Bridge and Windsor.
  • The first of Harley Days was held in Wollongong and Sydney Chapter volunteered for parking duties as well as attending in large numbers. A total of 2,200 registered H.O.G. Members attended the first time 3-day Harley Days event.
  • Weekends away were LOH to Batemans Bay, Eden to Cooma and Canberra and a Road Captains weekend away to Yass. A weekend in Coffs Harbour and the Easter long weekend went to Jindabyne. There was a World Record attempt for lady riders (mixed bikes) ‘2WheelBabes Ballina Babe Raid’ in Dubbo. In October there was ‘Meeting of the Clans’ in Merimbula to meet up with OZHOG
  • The biggest highlight of the year by far was our 50 members riding to Uluru via Mildura, Port Augusta and Coober Pedy in September. Then home via Kings Canyon, Alice Springs, Broken Hill and Nyngan. Simply the best 2 weeks away on a bike with the best group of members ever. Total distance covered 7,000k over 15 days.
  • Our ‘Outback themed’ Chapter Christmas Party was held at Wheel and Cupcake with Pro getting all the girls to sit on his lap… he was our Santa. There was a Combined Christmas Party with all Sydney Chapters held in Blacktown on January 2.
  • Dom stepped down as Director after 2 years and as Editor of our great Harbour HOG magazine after 4 years. There were others leaving their positions on the committee as well… so we all need to acknowledge the time and effort all of our volunteers put in, to keep this Chapter in a healthy position for the future.


  • Director - Adam Nance (Pro), Assistant Director - Keith Hutcheson (Hutch), Secretary - Geoff Fitzsimmons, Treasurer - Lindsay Stratton.
  • Highest female attendance on rides was Joanne Zammit with 23%. Highest male attendance was Ron Bohm with 59% attendance and travelling 13,610km. Highest female millage was Judy Kiddle at 8,200km. Eric Stano was the highest male rider with 10,975km. Dave Turner highest male attendances with 79% and Sharna Turner 64% of attendances.
  • Road Captain and Member of the year was Dom Fedele.
  • Big Ride numbers attended for the Photo Shoot on April 30, Memorial Day ride, Overnighters, Saddleback, ANZAC Day ride to Mittagong, Eagle Eye and the second Harley Days event in Wollongong in October – Harley made a great effort so it was a much better get together than the previous year, but not as well attended and as it’s turned out, it was also the last.
  • Full Day rides went to Megalong Valley, Australia Day BBQ, 4 Ferries, Crookwell, Saddleback Mountain, St Albans, Eagle Eye Run, Mittagong was well attended again for our ANZAC Day Run and flyover (If you only do one run a year don’t miss this run), the Poker Run went to 5 lookouts and a lunch and presentation at Palm Beach, our first ‘Free Spirit Run’ – “See you when we meet at Stockton”. The year ended with runs to Nerriga and the Yarramalong Anniversary run. Saturday and Sunday attendances were consistent with past years.
  • Half Day rides went to Stanwell Park Beach for our Memorial Ride, Gosford Car Museum, Back roads to Leura, Central Coast and Springwood. Half-day ride attendances were back up with averages from past years.
  • Twilight rides went north and south to the Newport Arms and Windsor and New member rides every second month continued to go to Kurnell.
  • There were 2 HART courses in April with 12 members attending.
  • Mid week rides went to Rylstone and Tea Gardens, Midweeks are back to 2014 average although lower than 2015/2016
  • Overnighters went to Gulgong, Jindabyne over the Easter weekend, Queens Birthday weekend away to Nundle, Christmas in July in Gloucester. LOH to Batemans Bay and an overnight Road Captains ride on the October long weekend to Dubbo.
  • YOTS rides continued again every second month to the pick up at the same locations. It was heartening that YOTS participation continued with high attendances.
  • Another highlight in 2017 was a week away to the NSW State Rally – ‘Rally on the Plains’ in Moree via Port Macquarie, Nambucca Heads, Brunswick Head and Warwick on the way to the rally in Moree. Some members rode home directly while others took the extra day and came back via Tamworth.
  • There was a ride with Bill Davidson along the East Coast from Brisbane to Melbourne and a few members attended the ride day through Sydney – Brett and Hutch rode all the way to Melbourne with pillions for Cure Brain Cancer cause.
  • The Chapter Christmas Party was held at the Pullman Hotel and there was a ride to the combined Chapter Christmas function at Central Coast Harley-Davidson to end another big year of riding.


  • Director - Adam Nance (Pro), Assistant Director - Keith Hutcheson (Hutch), Secretary - Geoff Fitzsimmons, Treasurer - Lindsay Stratton.
  • Leaving on January 27 we had a great two-week ride to Tasmania via Tallangatta, then onto the Spirit of Tasmania Ferry on a very hot day. From there we visited Launceston, Bicheno x 2 nights, Orford x 4 (where we joined in the Tassie State H.O.G.  Rally), Strahan x 2, Cradle Mountain and back on the Ferry to Melbourne and on to Foster (Vic) and Eden on the way home. Another great Chapter holiday. We really do these holidays well!!
  • 3 major accidents involving Chapter members in the first 3 months of 2018 made us all think SAFETY FIRST …and don’t trust any of the drivers out there. Mark Weiser got hit on his way to the Memorial Run briefing on January 21st. Tracey Jackson was hit by a car in Wyong while travelling with her husband Todd on March 11 and Ian (Tricky) Rickwood, returning from a ride with a few mates, was hit on his way home on March 31st. 3 major accidents in 3 months… this has to stop!! They’ve all spent many, many months (and years) rehabilitating to get back to riding.
  • Full Day Rides included Wisemans Ferry, Brooklyn on Australia Day, Fisherman’s Paradise where CJ had 40+ Members for a BBQ lunch in his holiday house backyard, Burragorang Lookout, ANZAC Day to Mittagong, Lake Macquarie, Oberon/Tarana, Caves Beach, Small Arms Museum in Lithgow, Berrima, Nora Head, the Rylstone Loop (645k), Nerriga and the Yarramalong Anniversary run. Whew!
  • Never to be taken for granted, we had our 6th annual ANZAC Day and air show in Mittagong… we achieved a great turnout to go with the excellent weather and Remembrance Services. 71 bikes with 79 total riders from Sydney and Northern Sydney Chapters, then we collected another 27 South West Sydney riders on the way at Campbelltown making a total of 101 bikes attending the ‘private air show’ with 5 airplanes, presented by Dom’s Qantas pilot mates at Mittagong Aerodrome. Sadly it was to become the last one as the ‘authorities’ deemed it ‘not permissible’ anymore.
  • Half Day rides included the Chapter Memorial Run to Stanwell Park, Warragamba Dam, Appin (followed by a Road Captain meeting), Leura, 5 Ferries, Picton, ‘round the Grounds and Patonga.
  • Weekends away included another traditional 4 day Easter run to Jindabyne with daily rides organised by the RC group and a June Long weekend in Nundle at Brett and Pips place.
  • New Member rides continued every second month to Kurnell.
  • The first YOTS run of the year went to Cordeaux Heights with 10 youth joining in, unfortunately the second run to Merrylands was cancelled by YOTS, so we made the most of it by heading off on a mystery ride to Kilcare instead. We also did rides with them in June and November.
  • The first twilight/Full Moon Run for 2018 went to the Archibald Hotel in Kurrajong Heights, followed by runs to Bilpin and Bundeena later in the year.
  • We finished the year with a Chapter Christmas Party and a combined Christmas Party at the Harley-Heaven Dealership in Blacktown.
  • Join in as many rides as you can and help shape the history of this great Chapter in 2019.


Director - Adam Nance, Assistant Director - Matteo Zanarini, Secretary - Geoff Fitzsimmons, Treasurer - Lindsay Stratton.

Member of the Year - Matteo Zanarini. Road Captain of the Year - Fred Madderom.

We retired three Awards in 2019. The Mad Max Award - Male rider with the second highest milage. Angel Award - Lady Rider with the highest attendance by percentage on rides. Long Way Round - Male rider with the most millage on rides. See the list at the top this page for all the winners in 2019 and every other year.

2019 was a slow year for the Chapter. There were only 9 Lady Riders (down from 20 in 2018 and the lowest number since 2011). Average bikes per ride was 20.4 (the lowest since 2011). Average Members per ride 22.3 (the lowest since 2012). Total attendance of individual riders 171 (the lowest since 2010). 100 Members did more than 2 rides (the lowest since 2012). 34 Members (the core group) did more than 12 rides (the lowest since 2014). Average number of Road Captains per ride was 6 (the lowest since 2015).

We had Full Day runs to Tea Gardens, Blackheath (Poker Run), Dam Busters BBQ, Australia Day, Hunter Valley, 5 Ferries, Surf & Turf, Fishermans Paradise at CJ’s for a BBQ, Eagle Eye and Grey gums Café.

Half Day Runs included the Chapter Photo shoot, Southern Beaches, Royal National Park, Leura, Patonga, Windsor (Tractor 828) and a Memorial Run to Stanwell Beach.

There were Mid Week Runs to Newcastle, Braidwood, Nelson Bay and Gerroa.

Full Moon Runs to Palm Beach, Bilpin and 3 New Members rides to Kurnell.

YOTS had a number of cancellations so we only did two this year.

A couple of Members from 1066 Chapter in the UK visited us early in the year.

There were twelve Chapter meetings held in the Harley-Heaven Dealership in Tempe - the number of Members attending meetings was down on all previous years.

We did a ‘Chapter assist’ at the Ironman Event at the Regatta Centre in Penrith, which was a great deal of fun (and responsibility).

There was no annual Christmas Party but we did have a hot roast lunch on a cold ‘Christmas in July’ day in Mt Victoria and a Combined Chapter Christmas Party in Newcastle on the hottest day of the year.

There was a 5 day ride event to Brighter Days in Victoria in March. The usual Easter weekend away to Jindabyne… and a 10 day trip to the NSW State Rally in Byron Bay. We travelled inland up to Rockhampton and then worked our way down the coast to the ‘Rally In Byron’ for 3 days and home from there.

The Freak Show/National Rally in Walcha was cancelled due to the devastating bushfires all over NSW. These bushfires also forced us to cancel a few rides toward the end of the year. 

2019 ended badly with the bushfires but was nothing on what was to come in 2020.


Director - Matteo Zanarini, Assistant Director - Hana Grant, Secretary - Geoff Fitzsimmons, Treasurer - Des Mumby.

The year started with bushfires still devastating much of Eastern NSW and making “free travels” much more restrictive.  However, we were looking forward to a full schedule of 48 planned rides, including the highly anticipated Long Way Round, a 33-day 13,000KM (without side trips) circumnavigation of Australia in September.  This long-planned event was almost maxed out with 38 riders and pillions reserving their place for this epic Chapter Ride!  Unfortunately, this was not to be for 2020…read further.

With the recognition that COVID-19 was actually taking on pandemic proportions, and the National and State governments working feverishly to control the spread of the virus, the Chapter spent most of 2020 watching and hoping the COVID distancing and minimum group numbers would ease.

Chapter Meetings went virtual from March through November, with the December AGM held as a hybrid in-person / virtual event at the Harley Heaven Tempe Dealership with restricted numbers in attendance.

Our rides were spread between 7 Half-Day, 16 Full-Day, 5 Weekends Away (including the SWR), 4 Midweek, 5 New Member, and 1 Moonie ride, with our highest attendance being the May 31 Return to Riding day with 62 members showing up to move “back on our bikes”.

The year saw SYDHOG recognized by HOG AU as “probably THE MOST ACTIVE” Chapter during the pandemic and restrictions, holding a slightly-reduced schedule of 39 rides during the year, and being together for 52 days through the year.  We spent March 13 to May 31 prevented from group riding, and returned in force to a group schedule at the end of May, all while aligning with minimum numbers per group.  To achieve this we created our first multi-group ride format that ultimately served us well this year.  The May 31 ride was split into 3 groups of 20 (and 3 groups of Road Captains), and all rides after that requiring sign-ins and multiple departure times to control numbers and properly allocate riders and RC’s.

The great participation in this schedule is thanks to the focus, effort and willingness of our volunteer leadership and road captains to work within government guidelines to create interesting ride experiences while giving our members an “outlet” from their daily ‘lockdowns’!  The Chapter membership was very supportive of the opportunity to get out and ride, even with restrictions, and maintained distancing and hygienic measures throughout.

We wish to remember our membership who passed away during this year:
- Andrew Hooker from the Northern NSW Coast joined SYDHOG early in 2020 to participate in the LWR.  He passed away from a motorcycle accident in March 2020.
- Paul Williams left us on April 2, 2020 and due to COVID only 10 people could attend his funeral in person.  MO and Dave Turner rode Paul’s bikes to the funeral home, and many friends participated virtually to send Paul off.  He was a great friend and Chapter Leader and his story is told in the Sydney Harbour HOG (Vol. 12, Issue 1, April 2020).  Paul rode 210 Ride Days with the Chapter (19th most overall) and contributed through his tenure as a SYDHOG Road Captain from July 2011 – 2019, Membership Officer from 2011 - 12, and Head Road Captain in 2018.
- Phil Stenson departed April 24, 2020 and his story is presented in the Sydney Harbour HOG (Vol. 12, Issue 2, May 2020).  He rode 253 Ride Days (15th most overall), served as Webmaster from 2010 – 2016, Photographer from 2010 – 11 (then played photographer’s chauffeur as his wife Cherie took on Photographer duties from 2012 – 2016), Road Captain from August 2012 – April 2019, and won the “Terminator” Award for the Road Captain with the highest attendance in 2013.  Phil and Cherie had the most fun when they were whizzing up and down the pack shooting Members’ action photos. 

In June the Federal and State Governments further relaxed social distancing restrictions, which allowed us to increase our riding group size from 10 to 20 riders.  The outcome: Our Full Day Run South on June 28 saw 54 members (49 riders and five pillions) ride out in three staggered group departures and had a blast on a great day, with great roads and sometimes “fresh” riding weather.

The Chapter’s first Tin Butt 800, went off on August 30 in glorious weather.  19 bikes (two with pillions) went the whole route together, clocking 910Km round trip.

The Long Way Round was cancelled mid-August due to state border lockdowns, so like we do, we replaced it with the Short Way Round September 12 – 20.  While not the originally-intended 13,000 Km, this ride went 4,350Km in 9 days with 38 members attending.  Some firsts also occurred during the ride:  Sanjiv Vivekenandan and Suzanne Herft got engaged in Parkes, and Andre and Binky Newnes celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary.

Our Anniversary Ride to Yarramalong saw 47 members and pillions celebrate the first ever ride in November 2006.

A Remembrance Weekend Ride for Phil Stenson went north to Sandy Hollow on November 21 & 22.

The minimum numbers in a group went up to 30 as of November 1, and 50 as of Nov 21, so our schedule was able to continue without much limitation.

Our last ride of the year was held December 27 with 37 members attending, and shortly afterwards minimums were again turned back to 30-person restrictions.  We’ll see what 2021 brings.

The Chapter ended 2020 with 276 active members.


The Chapter is now officially going into our 16th year!!  Our first ride was in November 2006.

The COVID Pandemic continued to weigh heavily on the Chapter’s ability to get together as freely as before it hit, and continual changes to governmental restrictions and requirements kept the Activities Officer and Road Captains busy trying to keep the Chapter on 2 wheels during all types of situations.

With the continual pressures placed on businesses, our Director from 2020, Matteo Zanarini, relinquished his leadership to Hana Grant who stepped in without much warning to take over as Director in January.  Fred Madderom agreed to take the Assistant Director role a few months after that so we had a full Primary Officers list for the year.

On top of the pandemic, Eastern Australia was heavily hit by rains and floods in March, literally washing out quite a few roads (Bells Line, Jenolan Caves, Oxley Highway, etc.) creating many detours in March.  But we were used to that from the fire experiences from 2020 and just pointed our front wheels “elsewhere”!

Full lockdown restrictions were in place preventing group riding for 3.5 months, from July through mid-October.  When we did resume again we doubled up on the number of groups on each ride to maintain maximum number limits, and the Road Captain team really stepped up to plan and accommodate these restrictions in our operations (hence our record number of Road Captains on each ride!!).  More than 20 people were not allowed to eat under the same booking, and the unvaccinated were not allowed to ride with us until December.

Chapter meetings went virtual from July through November, with the Chapter AGM finally being held in person at the dealership in early December, though again restricted numbers and spacial (not social!!) distancing were maintained!

Again this year, SYDNEY HOG was more active than last year with 46 rides providing 57 riding days through the year.  Our on-line booking app (Member Jungle) provided easy reference to know what numbers were planning to attend.

Director - Hana Grant, Assistant Director - Fred Madderom, Secretary - Geoff Fitzsimmons, Treasurer - Des Mumby.

  • January through June saw a “normal schedule” for us, and at the beginning of the year the Chapter had planned 62 rides for the full year…then lockdowns hit again!
  • Our 46 Ride schedule was composed of:
    • Half-day = 8 rides
    • Full-day = 17 rides
    • Weekends = 4 rides
    • Midweek = 8 rides
    • New Members = 4 rides
    • Youth off the Streets = 2 rides
    • Moonies = 1 ride
    • Rally Rides = 2 rides
    • Saturday Rides = 15
    • Sunday Rides = 17
    • Other Days Rides = 14
  • The first ride back in October was a double New Members ride, when 30 were allowed in each group, and both rides were full.  Our plan to offer multiple groups on each ride helped us ensure that all who wanted to ride, could ride! 
  • The biggest one-day mileage was on the Tin Butt 800 Ride covering 957 Km.
  • Paul Williams Memorial ride went overnight on May 22 / 23 with 57 attendees spending the evening reminiscing of great times with Rainman!!
  • Once again the Long Way Round was cancelled due to border restrictions and lockdowns, so it was intended to be replaced by another Short Way Round around NSW, which was also postponed until 2022.
  • Our Big rides and attendance numbers this year were:
    • Photo shoot - 87
    • No Seat Vacant Run - 54
    • ANZAC Day – 52
    • “Undies for Cancer” Run – 48
    • First New Members ride back after lockdown – 46
    • Patonga – 44
    • Chapter Memorial Ride – 43
    • Roll On In Weekend – 40
    • Chapter Anniversary Run – 38
    • Walcha Motorcycle Rally – 29
  • The Chapter completed 2021 with 260 members.
  • Average Number of Bikes per ride: 28
  • Average Number of Participants per ride: 31
  • We averaged 394Km per ride – down 10% from last year.
  • We travelled 18,117 Km on our rides during the year – up 6% from last year.
  • As of December 31, 2021 the Chapter has completed 731 rides.
  • As of December 31, 2021 the Chapter since inception has covered 293,625 Km.  This equates to 7.3 times around the world riding with Sydney Chapter!


The Sydney H.O.G. Chapter is now 17, dating from the first ride in November 2006, and is ready for its riding licence. Next year, at 18, it will be allowed to go to pubs.

After two years of COVID lockdowns the Chapter had a year clear of health restrictions on riding.

If only the weather had kept its part of the deal. For a second year Australia was in the grip of the La Nina so riders got very familiar with their wet weather gear and some rides were cancelled due to dangerous weather forecasts. Heavy rain and poorly maintained roads bent rims and turned many rides into observation runs for pothole spotters. Sadly, the potholes, tar snakes and poor surface on the M2 left two Long Way Round participants down and out of the ride before the group got out of Sydney.

But, working around the conditions, the Chapter managed a hectic year of rides. There was a definite sense the members wanted to make up for lost time during the Pandemic with lots of rides scheduled and strong turnouts.

Chapter Primary Officer and Committee leadership was quite stable from 2021 into 2022 with almost all office bearers continuing in their roles. That continuity helped the club move forward positively despite the challenges. The Primary Officers were Director Hana Grant, Assistant Director Fred Madderom, Secretary Geoff Fitzsimmons and Treasurer Des Mumby.

The big rides for the year were the Short Way Round postponed from 2021 due to the last round of COVID lockdowns, the much postponed Long Way Round and a ride to the NSW H.O.G. Rally held in conjunction with the Tamworth Thunder Rally.

The Long Way Round, postponed in 2020 and 2021, was a triumph for Rally Officer Stephen “Spike” Pike. While the exact roster of members able to do the ride changed as the years passed, Spike kept the ride alive through sheer determination. Revising the list of participants and wrangling accommodation over and over would have broken a lesser man. Despite the disappointment of two members falling on the first day, the Long Way Round will rank with the most legendary Chapter rides such as the trip out to Uluru. And it also passed the $50,000 goal for Cure Brain Cancer fundraising.

Through the year the Chapter maintained a hectic calendar with many different riding opportunities. There were rides with Youth Off The Streets, with around six teenagers taking a morning Harley-Davidson ride with the chapter each time. And the New Members’ Rides that are so popular with all Chapter member, new and veteran, as it’s a pleasant morning out for coffee at Kurnell that ends back at the dealership for a bit of shopping, a chat and, on a few occasions, a dealership demo day or the impressive Vicla show.

The year in numbers

The Chapter ran two major rides in 2022, Short Way Round II and the much postponed Long Way Round. Leaving the two big rides out, the Chapter ran 62 rides with 73 riding days and covered 17,804km. But adding LWR and SWR II back in the Chapter ran 64 rides with 115 ride days. The total distance for the year jumps to 34,250km.

The Chapter has now cracked 300,000 km, reaching 327,875 km from 795 rides. More than eight times around the world.

Your Road Captains organised a wide range of rides in 2022: Half-Day 6, Full-Day 35, Weekend Away 4, Midweek 4, New Member 6, YOTS 4, Moonie 2, National Rally 2, LOH 1.

On average, the New Members’ Ride draws the most members with 31 while second place is shared between Half Day Rides and Moonie Rides with an average of 24.

Midweek rides have the lowest average attendance at seven.

Unlike 2021, where the lockdowns concentrated all the riding in a few months, the more normal spread of rides led to lower average numbers of attendees. In 2022 the Chapter averaged 21.5 members per ride on 20.3 bikes, down from 2021 which averaged 31 members on 28 bikes. Seven of our Ladies of Harley did at least one ride.

Through 2022, 184 members did at least one ride, 115 did more than two and 50 did more than 12. On average, 5.6 Road Captains accompanied each ride.

The year included evening rides, day rides, the long days of Tin Butts, midweek rides and a couple of overnight rides.

Despite many members being away on Long Way Round and the Tamworth weekend rally, the Chapter also managed to support the Ironman event at the Sydney International Regatta Centre by ferrying organising staff around the circuit.

A very popular addition this year, coming after the Chapter committee members attended H.O.G. Officer training in Dubbo, were multiple interchapter rides where we got to meet and ride with Chapters around the region.

We’ll also celebrate the appointment of 2021 and 2022 Sydney Chapter Director Hana Grant as NSW Regional Director as the long serving Ken McDonald steps down from the role at the end of the year.


As we close the year, so full of promise for great rides and friendship, we must also acknowledge our losses.

Two Chapter legends, John Holsinger in February and Diane Fagan in October, left us this year and members are still coming to terms with their untimely loss

 In a group as large and diverse as the Sydney Chapter we know that there’s the possibility every year of losing friends to accident or illness. And we also have members to support as they recover from illness, injury or the loss of family members. It’s a reminder to make the most of our time together - riding, having fun and looking after each other. And watching out for potholes.


Last year the Sydney H.O.G. Chapter turned 17, dating from the first ride in November 2006, and could get its learners’ licence. This year, at 18, it can go to the pub but still can’t drink because it’s zero alcohol for P platers.

In case you’ve forgotten the pandemic, 2023 was the second year without lockdowns and the Chapter settled into a more normal riding schedule. The ride schedule was a bit frantic in 2022 as everyone was desperate to get out on the road again. For 2023 the calendar reflected a more sustainable rhythm of half day, full day and special interest rides - although the weather still had something to say with rides cancelled for rain and some rides impacted by heat. The interchapter Christmas Party at Blacktown was held on the hottest day in 2023, any members who attended will long remember the heat on the ride home that afternoon.

At the 2022 AGM the Chapter had a number of committee vacancies, some triggered by H.O.G. asking the Chapter’s 2022 Director Hana to step in as NSW Regional Director. The Chapter’s ninth Director, Dave Turner, was elected and the Chapter also had a new Assistant Director with Des, Treasurer with Noelene, Safety Officer with Wes, Quartermaster with Nic, Ladies of Harley with Lily, Awards with Chelvam and Head Road Captain with Matteo Zanarini. That’s eight roles changing with some relatively new members putting their hand up to help.

The big ride for the year was the Harley-Davidson 120th Anniversary National Rally in Tailem Bend, South Australia. The Sydney Chapter contingent was 27, quite a commitment for a ride needing nearly two weeks of holiday. As usual, the Road Captains organised an interesting route down and back but the highlight was the Thunder Run around the Tailem Bend race track with more than 1500 motorcycles taking part.

There were also two interchapter events in the year, one a weekend in Bathurst and the other that very hot Christmas Party held at Harley-Heaven Western Sydney and organised by Western Sydney H.O.G. You had to feel sorry for the Western Sydney Chapter and Dealership, who did everything they could to run a social event in extreme weather conditions. The Bathurst run was much more comfortable and drew nearly 40 members to join a big group ride from the north-west of Sydney across Bell’s Line of Road to Bathurst for an overnight. 

Rocks Brewing Co continues to improve their outdoor facilities with more roofing and weather protection. Rides through the year were scheduled to switch between half day and full day rides reflecting member feedback and also the number of Road Captains. Youth Off the Streets were only available for one ride but the usual list of traditional rides such as the Memorial Ride, Anniversary, Australia Day and Anzac Day were held along with Moonie rides and New Members’ rides. The Chapter also supported the Dealership by running the barbecue and escorting demo rides.

The year in numbers

Many thanks to Awards Officer Chelvam for compiling the statistics for 2023.

The Chapter ran one major ride in 2023, the ride to the 120th Anniversary Rally at Tailem Bend in South Australia, which was attended by a very impressive 27 members. Pretty good considering members needed nearly a fortnight to participate.

Counting the 12 day ride to South Australia, the Chapter organised 68 ride days in 2023. Or 56 without the rally. That was nearly 15,000km without the rally and 19,101km with the rally.

Since inception the Chapter has travelled reaching 346,976km from 863 rides. That’s eight and a half times around the world.

Your Road Captains organised a wide range of rides in 2023.
Half-Day - 11 (up from 6)
Full-Day - 22 (down from 35 if the rally is counted as one) 
Weekend Away - 4 (the same as 2022)
Midweek - 1 (down from 4)
New Member - 6 (the same as 2022)
YOTS - 2 (down from 4)
Moonie - 2 (the same as 2022)
National Rally - 1
LOH - 1
Tin Butt - 2

On average, the New Members’ Ride draws the most members with 35 (up four from 2022) with half day and Moonie rides in second place with around 25. The biggest rides in 2023 were the Memorial and Photoshoot rides, each at 44, with the LOH ride drawing 42. Midweek rides continue to have the lowest average attendance at seven. Member ride participation was up in 2023, with an average of 23.4 bikes per ride, up from 20.3 in 2022, and 24.2 members per ride, up from 21.5. In 2023 we had 20 Ladies of Harley complete at least one ride, up from seven, and 11 joined as pillions.
Through 2023, 165 members did at least one ride, 106 did more than two rides and 57 did more than 12 - up seven on 2022.
On average, 5.4 Road Captains accompanied each ride and the Chapter is grateful for the work they put into creating and running fun, safe rides.


In remembering 2023 we can be grateful that our rides were free of major incident. Members did suffer illness, injury and misfortune through the year but the Chapter remained true to its guiding principles - riding, having fun and looking after each other. Let’s make 2024 a safe, fun year!