Chapter meeting kicks off 2022

By the Editor

Words from Editor Peter Cox, pix from Photographer Lifeng Ji

With holidays and booming COVID numbers it was, understandably, a smaller rollout for this month's Chapter meeting at the Rocks Brewing Co.

Look out for updates on the Short Way Round from Spike if you are going. If you are not going but are still registered please correct that.

There's also a wider request for members to actively register, and remove registration, for rides using the website or Member Jungle app so ride leads can manage coffee and lunch bookings to the size of the group. This is especially the case during these COVID times as venues have seating limits.

And a thanks from the Primary Officers and Committee for all the work put in by Road Captains and members to keep the Chapter operating. The volunteers who turned up early and worked hard to make the Christmas Party a success was one example. The commitment of Road Captains to keep rides going despite the complexity of managing COVID safe arrangements and the impact of sudden home isolation was another.

Most importantly, John Liras got his meal promptly and Fred didn't have to chat the kitchen staff :)


Catching up before the meeting start.


With plenty of stories to tell.


Three ride rocker for Ashley.


And a three ride rocker for Sarma.


And a 700 ride day patch for Fred!

Check the Chapter website here for the rest of Li's great photos.

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