Putty Loop

By the Editor

Lead: Stephen Bock

Shotgun: John Holsinger

Sweep: Noelene Newnes

Words from Road Captain Stephen Bock, pictures from OzBear.

On January 23 Sydney H.O.G. Chapter went out on the Putty Road Loop - always a favourite - and it didn’t disappoint. The ride launched from McDonalds at St Peters and we met up with Fatman, Wesley, Oz Bear and Al along the way. In all, the ride drew 25 bikes and 27 people.

We exited the City via the Harbour Bridge and made our way out to Grey Gums for coffee.

Conditions were warming up and while it threatened to rain we managed to miss most of it on the way out.

After a good break at Grey Gums we headed again up the Putty Road and across to Broke for fuel.

Road conditions were exceptional for riding but, unfortunately, we encountered a car driver that was persistent to stay in front of us doing 20kmh under the speed limit through the "top bends" of the Putty Road. Oh well, there is always a next time!

After a quick refuel at Broke we headed down the Wollombi Road to Wollombi Tavern for lunch.


Mixing in with the other Sunday riders at Wollombi Tavern.

While the band wasn’t playing (due to COVID) we relaxed in the sunshine having lunch for about 90 minutes.

After lunch the group was still split on wearing or not wearing rain gear. I opted for no gear as I figured with the heat I would be wetter from the sweat build up than the actual rain.

We headed down to Peats Ridge for fuel, said our goodbyes and headed for home with half opting for the M1 and the other half of us heading up Old Pac to Pie in the Sky for a final coffee.

A great day out with a mix of terrain, a mix of weather and a mix of great friends.

OzBear's pictures are also posted here on the Chapter website.

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