September Chapter Meeting in August

By the Editor

Words from Editor Peter Cox, pictures from Photographer Lifeng Ji. For more of Li's great pictures, click here to open the Chapter website.

A last minute relocation to the South Sydney Graphic Arts Club, and its boardroom no less, made for quite a different Chapter meeting.

Especially for the wait staff walking upstairs with pizzas trying to work out who was waiting on an order - their struggle became a core part of the meeting.

And that Mexican pizza was still sitting unclaimed on the board table when I left and there was no shortage of spare slices around the place. Regional Director Ken McDonald is still wondering whose Supreme he ate - the second one didn't get collected.


Members gather in the boardroom.

With this being the last meeting before the long awaited Long Way Round there was plenty of final organising, especially for Saturday's barbecue at the dealership (from 7am) and rideout (briefing 8.15am).

There was also plenty of celebration for members receiving their three ride patches, Pro's 250 ride patch and Doug Hardingham's formal induction as Road Captain after serving his time as Nominee.

The Chapter welcomed South Coast Chapter member Donna Thompson, who thanked the Sydney Chapter for their support after the death of her husband Leigh. Donna also shared that Leigh, who'd registered as an organ donor, had helped three families.