Vino Loop

By the Editor

Lead: Sanjiv Vivekanandan

Shotgun: Tony Antoniadis

Sweep: Al Webster

Words from Quartermaster and Road Captain Sanjiv Vivekanandan, pictures from Photographer Lifeng Ji. For more of Li's great pictures, click here to open the Chapter website.

A huge "thank you" to the members who joined us on the Vino Loop ride.

We were blessed with perfect riding weather on Sunday.

Our journey started at St Peter’s Maccas and went up north to Saddles for breakfast. The ride north was nothing less than eventful but we got to our breakfast place safely.

After breakfast we did a loop of our beautiful vineyard region, the Hunter Valley. There were many requests to include this as a lunch stop next time around. 

On the subject of lunch - we went to the Imperial Hotel, where the food was delicious. After filling up our stomachs we rode south toward the Grey Gum Cafe, where we had a quick break for afternoon tea. 


Great weather for the Sunday loop around the Hunter Valley.

Our riders surely loved the twisties of the Putty Road and enjoyed taking these in the opposite direction, going south, instead of usual northerly route.

Most of the group decided to peel off home after the Grey Gum Cafe. Before we parted there were several requests to have more Putty Road rides. 

We did 440 kms and had six hours of saddle time. 

Last, but not the least, I want to thank our Shotgun Tony, Sweep Al and all the Road Captains who helped us have an enjoyable and safe ride.