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Nov 18

Segway Adventure Run BOOK TODAY

Date & Time
18 November 2018 8:45 AM - 12:00 AM
We’ll trade our ‘in-line’ two-wheelers for ‘parallel’ ones and head out onto the parklands of Newington Armoury at Sydney Olympic Park! Maximum number of 20 participants. That's all the Segways they have. $105 per person for 2 hours of fun, friendly competition and a beautiful morning with your H.O.G. friends. LeadDog will be leading and has paid the fees in advance for you, so please reimburse him on the day.

Saturday 17th Nov 2018
YOTS have their youth studying for their end of year exams , so they have cancelled. We will be having a Mystery Run in place of YOTS. This ride leaves from Decathlon in the IKEA car park at Tempe. ...
Saturday 24th Nov 2018
Christmas Party. BOOK NOW OR MISS OUT
This Party is well on track. BOOK NOW. The venue is the Rowers (in the aptly named Rockwell Avenue) at Woolli Creek. Food and entertainment and a damn fine time will be had by all. ...