Kim Williams 'Puddles'

Kim Williams



1) How long have you been riding motorcycles and what was your first bike?  12 years. Honda CBF250
2) What made you buy a Harley?  Girls wanting to prove we could do it. Also a common interest with my husband
3) What are you currently riding?  2013 Fat Boy
4) How long have you been in HOG?  10 years
5) How long have you been in Sydney HOG?  10 years
6) What do you love most about Sydney HOG?  The inclusiveness and the great friends I have made
7) Where is your favourite place to ride?  USA pretty good. Will attempt to keep adding to my list
8) What ride is on your bucket list?  Too many to mention
9) Which bike is on your bucket list? I love my Fat Boy but not opposed to test riding others
10) Any advice for new members? The more you ride the more fun you have. ¿