Mark 'MO' Hurt - Membership Officer


1) How long have you been riding motorcycles and what was your first bike?  Riding off and on over the years since 17 on borrowed or rented bikes. Started on the road on a borrowed Honda to get my licence.
2) What made you buy a Harley?  The classic look and sound was the hook to buying my first HD.
3) What are you currently riding?  2009 Fatboy and 2011 Roadking.
4) How long have you been in HOG?  HOG member since 2009 and now Life.
5) How long have you been in Sydney HOG?  Sydney HOG Member since 2011.
6) What do you love most about Sydney HOG?  Great club riding and great bunch of people and as MO, I have met most of them.
7) Where is your favourite place to ride?  Anywhere where the roads are smooth, the scenery opens your eyes and the beer is cold.
8) What ride is on your bucket list?  Stelvio Pass and the Dolomites in Italy.
9) Which bike is on your bucket list? Can't go past my 09 Fatboy and I've ridden a few HD models. Just love it, warts & all.
10) Any advice for new members? Don't buy your vest patches on Ebay. Get on a bike and ride and pick them up along the way.